Dott Corporation

Our vision

is to be the largest engaging business partner in Qatar, GCC, and MENA Region.

Our mission

is to create a smart effective communication between all different business partners in Qatar so they can easily integrate and develop their businesses. Our services are designed to promote economic opportunity for our members by enabling you and all different business partners to meet, review your business portfolio, exchange ideas, find opportunities or business partners, and make decisions in a network of trusted relationships.

Our Opportunity

Problem worth solving

There is no comprehensive and easy to get database enrolls updated profiles of all companies operates in Qatari Market and its interactions inside and outside Qatar, what causes:

  • Difficulty to determine the actual size of business sectors in Qatari market by investors inside and outside Qatar.
  • Difficulty to find business partners inside Qatar and to look for them outside.
  • Difficult to identify business challenges in Qatar and thus resolved because of poor communication between businessmen and decision makers what slows down the business cycle.

Our Solution

Developing online business platform provides business owners with all professional tools enable them to build up powerful business portfolio online, updated and interactive. And therefore:

  • Online data warehouse gives investors inside and outside Qatar a clear vision on the actual size of every single business sector in Qatari Market and the performance of each company within this sector and therefore opportunities of investments.
  • Create a smart effective communication between all different business partners in Qatar.
  • Play as a mediator between businessmen and decision-makers through interviews and so they can easily exchange guidance and recommendations needed for more professional business cycle.





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